A little something about travelling

A little something about travelling

Elliot is already quite the experienced traveller and at 8,5 months he has already been out of the country 4 times. I was so nervous the first time we had to fly with him, but I must admit that each time has gone above all expectations. Our latest trip over the pond was so enjoyable! The little guy is becoming such a character and just smiles at anyone he can get eye contact with. Thankfully the people sat around us was happy to play along, thus making peekaboo between the flight seats the best game ever!


It has been quite a game changer for me to suddenly have this very sociable little guy with me, previously when I traveled I would usually be accompanied by a good book or music in my ears not eager to interact with the people around me, but no more! There is nothing like a happy smiley baby to bring people together and you know what?! I absolutely love it!

It has become so normal to just spend most of our time with our face in front of a screen, it’s so refreshing to actually just sit and small talk with strangers and appreciate the wonders as seen from the point of View of a little explorer, here is to hoping for many more adventures in the future, big or small.

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  1. What a sweetie. How lucky are you to have such a great little traveler. It’s always great when the other travelers join in to help a mom out! Travelling can sometimes be so stressful. Thanks for linking up to #globalblogging

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