Apple Hunting and Yummy Birds Nests!

Apple Hunting and Yummy Birds Nests!

Yesterday I went Apple hunting with the nephew, there are these gorgeous Apple trees only a stone throw from my childhood home, absolutely beaming with ripe Apples ready for picking! Its lovely to be able to just go outdoors and pick Apples, my nephew was loving it! And it was a great way to also remind him where things come from, he can be quite the fuzzy eater, but he munched down 3 delicious apples and also got a nice bag to take home and use with in his packed lunches. Now I of course had a plan with the Apple hunt too! The aim was to get some Apples so we could make my Mums Yummy Birds Nests, the Birds Nest is in actual fact an Autumn inspired mini Apple Pavlova, super easy to make and so very tasty. The fresh, slightly Sour, Apple goes so well with the Cream and Chocolate!

Apple Pavlova
Mini Pavlovas with whipped Cream, fresh Apple and Chocolate aka Birds Nests!

Birds Nests (Apple Pavlova)

Meringue (7 Nests)

  • 200g sugar
  • 1 dl egg whites
  • 1 tsp Apple vinegar


  • 500ml double cream
  • 6 Grated Apples (we used the Danish Apple ‘Inge Marie’)
  • 150g Dark Chocolate

Turn the oven to 100 Degrees C (Fan 80). Whisk the Egg white until it’s stiff, add Vinegar and whisk again. While whisking, gradually add the SugarΒ and whisk until the Meringue is thick, white and stiff. Put the Meringue in a piping bag and pipe out 7 Nests onto a baking sheet. Bake for 1 Hour. Remove from oven and cool. In my opinion, the Meringue is best when it’s a bit gooey on the inside!

Grate the Apples on a grater, set aside. Whip the cream and mix in the Apple, cover with cling film and set to cool in the fridge. Chop the Chocolate. Once Nests are cooled, pipe on the ‘Apple Cream’ and sprinkle with the Chocolate and serve. Enjoy!

Upon creating this yummy treat I had the help of my faithful Taster πŸ™‚ Looks like the little guy likes mummy’s baking.

Mummy's Apple Pavlova Assistant

Hope everyone is looking forward to a weekend spent with family and friends. I think if the little man allows it there will be more baking in the cards for us!

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22 thoughts on “Apple Hunting and Yummy Birds Nests!

  1. Oooh these look too good. I am impressed you made your own meringue though I would have so just brought some. I think my little one would love apple picking and then using them for baking – definitely an activity for us to do together. Thanks for sharing at #Familyfun xx

  2. Foraging outdoors for food is always such fun, autumn is a great time for apples, mushrooms and now I’m on the look out for Chestnuts! Well done your little one on his apple hunting and tree climbing! Birds nests look scrummy too.

    Thanks for sharing on #CountryKids

  3. Oh how lovely, we have recently moved house and we left behind the most wonderful apple tree, it wasn’t very big but there were so many apples on it this year. Luckily we grabbed them all before we moved and my husband created some wonderful Danish inspired puddings with them! #CountryKids

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