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Arnside Knott and the lure of Geocaches

Arnside Knott and the lure of Geocaches

It was the most stunning of winter weather the Sunday before last! Clear blue skies and sunshine. We hadn’t really planned for a walk out, as the weather forecast had predicted the exact opposite the day before, however it would be a shame to let such a beautiful day pass by without a trip out in the great outdoors surrounding us. So after Elliot’s morning nap we headed out. we had a quick stop at our local watering hole for some pre-walk lunch, before heading to Arnside, where we hoped to hunt some Geocaches and enjoy some lovely views of Morecambe Bay.

Arnside knott geocaching Geocaches
A cheeky monkey keeping tabs!

Our walk started at Far Arnside, there are parking options opposite the Forrest (free of charge). I wrapped up Elliot and we started walking north to join the Coast, you have to walk along the road for about 0,5 km until you reach a caravan park from where the actual path begins (it is signposted if you, like me, are not gifted with great map reading/navigational skills). However before Starting the circular route we had a detour down to the beach as there was a Geocache to be found!

Arnside Knott circular geocaching Geocaches
The Beautiful Morecambe Bay

We searched high and low, but we just couldn’t find it! Any other Geocachers will know just how annoying that is! At least there was a lovely view across the bay. We rejoined the road feeling a bit deflated with our finding skills or lack there of, but the walk had barely begun so on we went. Walking through the Caravan park, you pass onto an obvious footpath leading into the Forest. For about 1,5km you’re walking in the Forest, and it is lovely. I do love Forest walking (in the daylight that is! Find them super scary as soon as darkness descend) in the Forest we came by two cave openings! J had a little explore whilst Elliot and I stayed safely above ground!

Arnside Knott geocaching Geocaches
Elliot enjoying a nap whilst we trekked through the Forest

Shortly after we had yet another Geocache to hunt down. Do you know what’s even more frustrating than not finding a Geocache? Not finding two Geocaches!! Seriously we’re usually not that awful at finding them. Good thing we joined the coast shortly after, and once again the beautiful views made up for our disappointing treasure hunting skills.

Continuing around the Coast we reached a lovely playground and cafe called the “Bob’in” a perfect place to take a break and let the little ones roam free. Before continuing the journey, Elliot had a little play, albeit he’s still at an age where that is very much assisted, so it was only mummy who got to enjoy a sit down!

Arnside Knott Geocaches geocaching

As we set off again we followed the Tarmac road next to the playground, you go around a tight corner and a footpath headed up Arnside Knott appears on the right, through a field initially then into the forest. From here on it’s a little trek upwards until you reach the top of Arnside Knott itself, with lovely views out over the bay and surrounding area.

Arnside Knott Geocaching Geocaches
Viewpoint atop Arnside Knott

We reached the top just in time, as shortly after the sun set on us. But by then we had followed the path around the top of Arnside Knott and down, rejoining the road where we parked the car. A great circuit about 6km in total with both Forest, coastline and hills to enjoy!

Arnside Knott Geocaches geocaching

Now if only we’d found those caches! we will have to go back and search for them another day.

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The Lake District – Walking around Jenkins Crag

The Lake District – Walking around Jenkins Crag

Sundays are almost always family days in our home, and on family days we like to get out of the house and enjoy the fresh air. Last Sunday I suggested that we went up to the Lake District, as it had been far too long since our last Lake District outing! Last time was before Christmas, where we went Forest walking and foraging for Christmas Decorations.
Now this Sunday the weather wasn’t ideal, but when you live in the northern parts of England, sometimes you have to settle for a dry day! J had been looking at his many maps to decide on a nice walk. Unfortunately as it often happens with a little one in the house, things never go to plan, Elliot had a super long morning nap and we didn’t set off until 11am. So a longer walk was scrapped, instead we went for a walk up to Jenkins Crag, a short easy accessible walk.

Circular walk around Jenkins Crag

You start in Ambleside (there is a long stay car park entering Ambleside from Windermere, just past the Hayes garden centre) from there, you walk along the old lake road (behind the car park) then look out for the bridleway turning up Skelghyll Lane, this steep bit of tarmac eventually runs out and you start on a nice wide path up through the forest, then you keep following this and soon you’ll be able to pass through the wall to the viewpoint atop Jenkins Crag. Now I could paint a pretty picture of how idyllic it all was, but truth be told, I was a bit of whinger for the first quarter of our walk! J gets annoyed when I whinge and honestly so do I! It was just such a steep start to the walk and it was a terrible reminder of just how unfit I’ve become. But I’m tired of letting it drag me down and turn me into a whiny cow! I’ve  decided to actually be happy instead, after all I could have been home lazy on the sofa, instead we were out walking. Hopefully the huffing and puffing will start becoming less again. Anyway let’s get back on track! We made it up to Jenkins Crag and it was a beautiful, albeit foggy, view out over lake Windermere.

After a short break, we continued on the path to make a nice circular walk. Now when you get past High Skelghyll farm, you have a choice of either turning right to head down to Lake Windermere (you rejoin the road close to the water sports centre) or, if you are after a long walk, continue straight ahead to do a circular walk around Wansfell.

We decided to turn right down to lake Windermere, there wasn’t really time for a longer route, hopefully next time! When Rejoining the road we turned right to head back to Ambleside, we took the scenic route walking along the small area of national trust land on the left leading back to Waterhead.

Lake District
Lake Windermere

Hunting Geocaches

There is a nice little Geocache to be found along the way back to Ambleside, so whilst Elliot was napping on my back, J and I went searching high and low for the little treasures.

Lake District
Nap on the go!

Geocaching is an excellent way to explore your surroundings and I can’t wait for Elliot to be old enough to join in the hunt.

Lake District Windemere
Hunting for Geocaches!

As Elliot woke from his nap, we swapped so that J could walk with the little guy and as we made the final stretch back to town, I got some lovely snaps of  my two favourite people. To finish it all off we had lunch at our favourite cafe “The Apple Pie”, take one guess at what their specialty is 😉

Lake District Babywearing daddy
Handsome Baby wearing daddy!

All in all it was a lovely day out, being able to take Elliot up in the hills and fells of the lake is absolutely wonderful and wouldn’t be possible if it wasn’t for the wrap! (I love babywearing in case you were wondering) next time though we will have to think of a way to let Elliot burn off a little steam too, as the car ride back was 1 hour of constant nursery rhyme singing to try and keep the little guy from screaming the car down, by the time we got home I nearly had no voice left!

Lake District Lake Windermere

Any good advise on how to let a “not yet walking” baby loose in the hills?

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A day in the life of #2 Admiring the Christmas lights

A day in the life of #2 Admiring the Christmas lights

The one thing that always bugs me about winter is the short days! We like to get outside every day, but during the winter it just feels like you blink and before you know it the sun has set and everything is covered in darkness. It’s no wonder that it can get the better of people! I should know it, Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) has often been a steady partner of mine through the winters, touch wood I haven’t felt it this year! But I truly feel for those who suffers under the dark cloud that is SAD, Karen from twotinyhands has written a lovely heartfelt post on the subject, if you yourself have SAD, or know someone who does then I encourage you to pop over and have read.

As I mentioned we like to get out of the house every day, go to groups, get some fresh air and catch some sunlight if we should be so lucky! In the winter months, with a baby, our prime window of opportunity is limited seeing as the naps take up a good chunk of it at either end. Sometimes I go out and let Elliot nap in the sling, but he seems to sleep the best at home (plus mommy does appreciate the peace and quiet of naptimes too!) so winter for me is tricky! Especially January and February I find can be really tough, but I try and find the best in every season (some definitely easier than others) for the winter months December is my shining beacon of light! Come 1st of December and everything changes! The dark afternoons are turned in to magical outings with sparkly lights and the feel of Christmas warms you to the core.

Elliot loves the sparkly lights! Luckily we have quite a few houses in our neighbourhood that have gone all out on Christmas lighting! So Elliot and I have now made a little tradition of going out after his afternoon nap and as the sky darkens we walk around and “oooh” at the beautiful lights. The other day as we where returning on the train from having visited the in laws in Bridport, I thought it would be nice to walk around Lancaster and see the Christmas Decorations before we headed home. As expected Elliot enjoyed them too and it was a nice way to shake off the rather long journey on train, having been predominantly sat down for 5 hours!

J and I are really enjoying seeing the world through Elliot’s eyes, everything is just so magical and it truly makes every day in to little adventures. Now all we need is a bit of snow and everything would be perfect!

What outdoor activities do you get up to in the winter months?

For other examples of Elliots everyday adventures  check out – a day in the life of #1

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Visiting the Jurrasic Coast

Visiting the Jurrasic Coast

This weekend has been spent in Bridport visiting Elliots Grandma on J’s side of the family. It’s been several months since Elliot last saw his Grandma so it was a lovely to see how he just instantly warmed to her and his Bobbin (that’s what we call Elliots Bonus Grandpa) happily playing peekaboo and showing off his newest skill: crawling! We spent the Sunday enjoying the beautiful coast of Bridport.

It really is incredible to experience the difference in landscape and weather travelling from the north to the south. We have been so lucky with the weather, and when you look at the pictures it’s hard to believe they where snapped in December!

Firespiral woven wrap
Enjoying a sling cuddle while Elliot had a little nap!

We walked around Bridport Harbour, walking along the promenade and along the Jurrasic coast. The Coast line was filled with perfectly rounded rocks, like little eggs – something to do with the tide and how the rocks are transported up and down the coast, or so J told me, he is quite the knower of nature, geography and random trivia! J is excellent company on walks and all this trivia is hopefully something Elliot will enjoy too when older, as well as rock collecting! (Albeit I remember my mom swearing at me and my rock collection…probably because she was the one having her pockets full of rocks at the end of the day!)

It almost looks like an Egg from the Jurassic era!

It was a beautiful day, and to finish the outing, we found a lovely playground situated along the old railline in easy walking distance from the coast. It was great and I can imagine Elliot enjoying it even more when he is older, it’ll definitely get revisited!

Station Playground Bridport
Is this safe mommy?
Station Playground Bridport
First ever ride down a slide!
Station playground Bridport
Just chilling on Daddy

After a day outside, we spent the afternoon at Grandmas having a little early Christmas celebration, as we will be in Denmark come the 24th/25th! Getting a preview into the excitement that will fill Elliots day come Christmas was wonderful, he is just such a happy baby.

Christmas 2016
Someone liked his Pressie!

How have you spent your weekend? Any outdoor adventures? xx

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A day in the Forest

A day in the Forest

We like to go out on Sundays, it’s the only day of the week that J always has off, and luckily for us this Sunday the weather was perfect for a trip to the lakes!

I’ve gone in Christmas planning mode, I love Christmas and all the traditions that surround it. In my family we’ve always had a Calendar light counting down for Christmas, so I really wanted to get out in the Forests to see what I could find for this years Christmas Decoration. Now J is the knower of all things Lake District and map reader extraordinare (except that one time when he got lost, but we don’t talk about that…ever!) so I mostly leave him in charge of planning, as long as there is a place to grab cake and a brew post walk I’m happy! J decided that we should go to Grizedale Forest.

Carron Crag
Little man and I at the top of Carron Crag!

Grizedale is great for families! Admittedly Elliot is still too young for playgrounds, ziplines and forrest exploration on his own two feet, but we will definitely be coming back when he is older! FYI It also has some good mountain biking tracks if you’re into a bit of muddy adrenaline fun.
For the non biking crowd there is 6 walking routes to choose from all varying in length and difficulty. We went for the Red route a 5km ‘strenuous’ walk to the top of Carron Crag, a lovely summit with a beautiful view to the snowy tops of the old man of Coniston.

Old man of Coniston
View to old man Of Coniston

Now this walk would have been absolutely impossible had we not had Elliot in the Baby Carrier, in there Elliot was safely snuggled up to J and able to take in all the sights.

I can’t praise baby wearing enough! It really has been a game changer for us. You see I don’t have a drivers license yet so whenever J is at work I rely on walking or public transports! Now any mum who has ever needed to take the bus with her baby or toddler will know just how little room there is, you can just about squeeze in two small buggies, and the fear of not getting on the bus often kept me from even trying – que the lightbulb moment that was babywearing! There is always space when baby is on you, I’m a big fan! Anyway this was completely off track, back to the Forrest we go.

Baby wearing
My two favourite people

It was a lovely walk, a nice balance between Forest and open views to the surrounding fells. We finished the day out with lunch at the Cafe at Grizedale, they have a good cake selection! But there is also an area close to the visitors centre for enjoying your own packed lunch, conveniently placed next to the playground!

Grizedale Forest
The magical Forest

As for my aim of getting bits to make Christmas decorations, I managed to get quite a good selection. It all ended out in this Decoration that’ll be counting down to Christmas Eve in our little home.

Christmas decoration
Calendar Candle countdown for Christmas

I love lighting candles during winter, it creates such a lovely atmosphere and all builds up to a real Hygge time, which I’m a sucker for. I can’t wait for December to start, I have so many baking projects in mind!

What do you like to do on your Sundays? And how are you prepping up for Christmas?

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