A day in the life of #2 Admiring the Christmas lights

A day in the life of #2 Admiring the Christmas lights

The one thing that always bugs me about winter is the short days! We like to get outside every day, but during the winter it just feels like you blink and before you know it the sun has set and everything is covered in darkness. It’s no wonder that it can get the better of people! I should know it, Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) has often been a steady partner of mine through the winters, touch wood I haven’t felt it this year! But I truly feel for those who suffers under the dark cloud that is SAD, Karen from twotinyhands has written a lovely heartfelt post on the subject, if you yourself have SAD, or know someone who does then I encourage you to pop over and have read.

As I mentioned we like to get out of the house every day, go to groups, get some fresh air and catch some sunlight if we should be so lucky! In the winter months, with a baby, our prime window of opportunity is limited seeing as the naps take up a good chunk of it at either end. Sometimes I go out and let Elliot nap in the sling, but he seems to sleep the best at home (plus mommy does appreciate the peace and quiet of naptimes too!) so winter for me is tricky! Especially January and February I find can be really tough, but I try and find the best in every season (some definitely easier than others) for the winter months December is my shining beacon of light! Come 1st of December and everything changes! The dark afternoons are turned in to magical outings with sparkly lights and the feel of Christmas warms you to the core.

Elliot loves the sparkly lights! Luckily we have quite a few houses in our neighbourhood that have gone all out on Christmas lighting! So Elliot and I have now made a little tradition of going out after his afternoon nap and as the sky darkens we walk around and “oooh” at the beautiful lights. The other day as we where returning on the train from having visited the in laws in Bridport, I thought it would be nice to walk around Lancaster and see the Christmas Decorations before we headed home. As expected Elliot enjoyed them too and it was a nice way to shake off the rather long journey on train, having been predominantly sat down for 5 hours!

J and I are really enjoying seeing the world through Elliot’s eyes, everything is just so magical and it truly makes every day in to little adventures. Now all we need is a bit of snow and everything would be perfect!

What outdoor activities do you get up to in the winter months?

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12 thoughts on “A day in the life of #2 Admiring the Christmas lights

  1. I suffer from SAD and try to change my working hours in the winter, apparently you can purchase one of those daylight lamps (which could seriously light up a street!) It looks like a great trip out, I’ve never been to that part of the UK before #CountryKids

    1. I’ve heard great things about those Daylight lamps. When I worked as a District nurse we had some elders use them too with good effect. Hope the SAD doesn’t get the better of you! And have a lovely Christmas xx

  2. I can sympathise with you about SAD. Not seeing enough daylight during the winter gets me down terribly. I’m better now that I have children as they encourage me to get out more but I much prefer spring and summer when they can play out for hours after school! Those lights are fabulous. #countrykids

    1. I know it’s incredible just how much the daylight matters in terms of mood and wellbeing! Glad your kids are helping though, I find that being busy entertaining Elliot is a good distraction too.

  3. We live for the weekends so that we can venture out and explore, adam and i both work full time and find ourselves going to work and coming home from work in the dark during the winter months.

  4. OMG those lights in Lancaster took me back to when I was at uni there and the shopping centres.

    I love festive lights too – must take N on a drive by through town to see all the nuts houses.

    1. To me the Twinkling lights just add that extra layer to the Christmas cheer, and I love Christmas, have fun on your little light cruise! Got to love the houses that go all out 😉

  5. I hate the short days but Christmas lights are a real positive. I think this year has been easier as it has been much drier and sunnier than previous winter’s so far. I used to take all of my children on a tour of the local Christmas lights when they were Elliot’s age and older. I miss that this year as teenagers no one has asked to go. Enjoy seeing Christmas through his eyes and very soon the days will be drawing out again too.
    Thank you for sharing your Christmas light spotting on #CountryKids

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