DIY: Personal Christmas Cards

DIY: Personal Christmas Cards

Every Christmas I love sending out Christmas cards to family and friends, to me the Christmas Card is more than just the generic “Merry Christmas”, in my family we’ve always had a tradition of the Christmas card being a way to sum up the year past and talk about hopes, dreams and plans for the year comming. I feel it’s even more important now that we live so far away from our families, even J’s parents are a good 6 hour drive away, his aunt is in NZ and I even have one sister living in Sweden! For us it’s a way to keep them up to date, the old fashioned way, slow mail! No “.coms” or snappy post, just a handwritten letter. This year I wanted to make it even more personal, and what better way than to get my little smiler dressed in his Christmas jumper for a little bit of “modelling”

Christmas jumper baby
Always so happy (And almost crawling eek!)
Christmas tree jumper baby
Good thing he doesn’t know they are for opening…yet!

 Once I had the pictures I used the app “canva” to edit and add text to the pictures and then I just went to the nearest shop that offered self-service photo print. It was super easy I just plugged in my phone and it opened my picture folder to pick and choose what I wanted. I probably could have just written a letter on the back of the pictures, but it didn’t feel finished. Off to the craft section!

DIY Christmas cards
A selection of this years Christmas Cards!

Bought a packet of readycut cardboard, a glue stick and envelopes. To decorate the cards I just used what Christmassy bits I already had – you could use gift-wrap, glitter, gifttags just as long as its festive! I used these cute stocking shaped gift tags and cut hearts out from giftwrap and Christmas trees out from leftover  cardboard.

What you need:

  • printed pictures with a Christmas theme
  • cardboard
  • glue stick
  • scissor
  • gift wrap, gift tags or similar
  • envelopes

it was quite budget friendly. To print the photos was £2.70, the cardboard was £1.50, glue £1 and envelopes £1. The rest I already had in the house. Now we just need to get them posted so they can arrive before Christmas Day.

What crafty projects have you been working on for December? I’d love to see pictures of it all! Feel free to tag me on Instagram and I’ll send some Christmas cheer your way!

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22 thoughts on “DIY: Personal Christmas Cards

  1. Brilliant idea and so crafty! I feel a bit guilty now I just sent my Christmas cards off with no nice letter or personality at all! Oh well let’s hope they read my blog!! Thanks for linking up to #familyfun

    1. My intentions was definitely not to make anyone feel bad! Besides just sending a Christmas card is more than most do these days 🙂 it all warms on a cold winters eve! xx

  2. wow what a fab idea! They look really good too. They make such a fab card I bet the recipients love them. You’re little boy is such a cutie too – natural infant of the camera. Thanks for sharing at #familyfun xx

  3. Great idea! This is the first year in a long time we’ve been organised enough to send Christmas cards (including many to Sweden!) and sure enough, they have big grinning pictures of out Little Bear too 🙂 #thatfridaylinky

  4. They’re brilliant. And what a gorgeous smile. Every year I mean to add the personal touch to our Christmas cards, and every year it’s suddenly the 20th December and I’m frantically scrawling on shop bought ones. #tribalchat

  5. Super cute! Love the little stocking on the side and the cut out hearts. Your son is always so happy, all of the photos I’ve seen he is smiling sooooo adorable! Thanks for sharing with #GlobalBlogging!

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