Travelling with a Child

Travelling with a Child

Travelling with a child solo can seem like a Mammoth task. We spent all day yesterday travelling, the little man and I. It’s a long journey travelling from the eastern parts of Jutland, all the way to Copenhagen and then to the north of England. We started our day by train. I’d planned for having to entertain, but Elliot decided to start the trip with a nap! Good thinking I say, if only I could’ve joined in!

Travelling with a child

Elliot is already quite the experienced traveller, sure the travels has thus far only brought us from UK to DK and back, but for a little baby, only 9 weeks old on his first trip, I think that is plenty of travel adventure in it self.

It’s remarkable how quickly their needs change! On the first two trips the main focus was timing things with Elliots need for feeds and sleep. First time over he slept all the way in the flight (attached to a boob that is) those days are over! Elliot is 9 months old now, not yet mobile, but very much in need of entertainment and activities tailored to him. It’s no longer just enough to keep him comfy during the travels, my baby is now capable of being bored! That is why it came like a God send when I spotted the family Area at Copenhagen Airport. Such a brilliant concept, it is raised above the rest of the waiting area, away from the hustle and bustle of busy travellers and expensive shopping. Elliot lit up when I got him out of the sling and placed him on the floor surrounded by colourful toys and tall cardboard castles and figurines inspired by H.C Andersens fairytales. This little safe haven, free of noise, with areas to play and for parents to relax knowing their child is safely playing. I’m a fan!

Travelling with a child
Family Area at CPH Airport

This little break from travelling gave us both the break in the day needed to manage the last leg of the journey. If only we hadn’t then gotten stuck in traffic on the M6, I would say this day of travelling was well executed!

Travelling with a child
Family Area at CPH airport
Two Tiny Hands

6 thoughts on “Travelling with a Child

  1. What an experienced traveller Elliot is! He’s definitely travelled further than my little man! How annoying to have the trip ruined by the UKs useless road system, namely the M6! Thanks for linking up to #familyfun

  2. Ah child friendly areas at airports are amazing. We found a much needed one in Menorca over the summer – it was a life saver or at least a sanity saver. Travelling with little ones can tough so good on you for doing it, I hope you had a good time on your visit. Thanks for sharing at #familyfun xx

    1. They really are a sanity saver! I think for the little ones too… a whole day of travelling is a lot for a baby/toddler to take in! But we had a lovely time visiting family and that made the long travel days all worth it! Thanks for stopping by! xx

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