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Arnside Knott and the lure of Geocaches

Arnside Knott and the lure of Geocaches

It was the most stunning of winter weather the Sunday before last! Clear blue skies and sunshine. We hadn’t really planned for a walk out, as the weather forecast had predicted the exact opposite the day before, however it would be a shame to let such a beautiful day pass by without a trip out in the great outdoors surrounding us. So after Elliot’s morning nap we headed out. we had a quick stop at our local watering hole for some pre-walk lunch, before heading to Arnside, where we hoped to hunt some Geocaches and enjoy some lovely views of Morecambe Bay.

Arnside knott geocaching Geocaches
A cheeky monkey keeping tabs!

Our walk started at Far Arnside, there are parking options opposite the Forrest (free of charge). I wrapped up Elliot and we started walking north to join the Coast, you have to walk along the road for about 0,5 km until you reach a caravan park from where the actual path begins (it is signposted if you, like me, are not gifted with great map reading/navigational skills). However before Starting the circular route we had a detour down to the beach as there was a Geocache to be found!

Arnside Knott circular geocaching Geocaches
The Beautiful Morecambe Bay

We searched high and low, but we just couldn’t find it! Any other Geocachers will know just how annoying that is! At least there was a lovely view across the bay. We rejoined the road feeling a bit deflated with our finding skills or lack there of, but the walk had barely begun so on we went. Walking through the Caravan park, you pass onto an obvious footpath leading into the Forest. For about 1,5km you’re walking in the Forest, and it is lovely. I do love Forest walking (in the daylight that is! Find them super scary as soon as darkness descend) in the Forest we came by two cave openings! J had a little explore whilst Elliot and I stayed safely above ground!

Arnside Knott geocaching Geocaches
Elliot enjoying a nap whilst we trekked through the Forest

Shortly after we had yet another Geocache to hunt down. Do you know what’s even more frustrating than not finding a Geocache? Not finding two Geocaches!! Seriously we’re usually not that awful at finding them. Good thing we joined the coast shortly after, and once again the beautiful views made up for our disappointing treasure hunting skills.

Continuing around the Coast we reached a lovely playground and cafe called the “Bob’in” a perfect place to take a break and let the little ones roam free. Before continuing the journey, Elliot had a little play, albeit he’s still at an age where that is very much assisted, so it was only mummy who got to enjoy a sit down!

Arnside Knott Geocaches geocaching

As we set off again we followed the Tarmac road next to the playground, you go around a tight corner and a footpath headed up Arnside Knott appears on the right, through a field initially then into the forest. From here on it’s a little trek upwards until you reach the top of Arnside Knott itself, with lovely views out over the bay and surrounding area.

Arnside Knott Geocaching Geocaches
Viewpoint atop Arnside Knott

We reached the top just in time, as shortly after the sun set on us. But by then we had followed the path around the top of Arnside Knott and down, rejoining the road where we parked the car. A great circuit about 6km in total with both Forest, coastline and hills to enjoy!

Arnside Knott Geocaches geocaching

Now if only we’d found those caches! we will have to go back and search for them another day.

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