Visiting the Jurrasic Coast

Visiting the Jurrasic Coast

This weekend has been spent in Bridport visiting Elliots Grandma on J’s side of the family. It’s been several months since Elliot last saw his Grandma so it was a lovely to see how he just instantly warmed to her and his Bobbin (that’s what we call Elliots Bonus Grandpa) happily playing peekaboo and showing off his newest skill: crawling! We spent the Sunday enjoying the beautiful coast of Bridport.

It really is incredible to experience the difference in landscape and weather travelling from the north to the south. We have been so lucky with the weather, and when you look at the pictures it’s hard to believe they where snapped in December!

Firespiral woven wrap
Enjoying a sling cuddle while Elliot had a little nap!

We walked around Bridport Harbour, walking along the promenade and along the Jurrasic coast. The Coast line was filled with perfectly rounded rocks, like little eggs – something to do with the tide and how the rocks are transported up and down the coast, or so J told me, he is quite the knower of nature, geography and random trivia! J is excellent company on walks and all this trivia is hopefully something Elliot will enjoy too when older, as well as rock collecting! (Albeit I remember my mom swearing at me and my rock collection…probably because she was the one having her pockets full of rocks at the end of the day!)

It almost looks like an Egg from the Jurassic era!

It was a beautiful day, and to finish the outing, we found a lovely playground situated along the old railline in easy walking distance from the coast. It was great and I can imagine Elliot enjoying it even more when he is older, it’ll definitely get revisited!

Station Playground Bridport
Is this safe mommy?
Station Playground Bridport
First ever ride down a slide!
Station playground Bridport
Just chilling on Daddy

After a day outside, we spent the afternoon at Grandmas having a little early Christmas celebration, as we will be in Denmark come the 24th/25th! Getting a preview into the excitement that will fill Elliots day come Christmas was wonderful, he is just such a happy baby.

Christmas 2016
Someone liked his Pressie!

How have you spent your weekend? Any outdoor adventures? xx

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6 thoughts on “Visiting the Jurrasic Coast

  1. It looks such lovely weather for a little time spent on the beach. December has turned so mild in the South West and it makes the beaches very appealing and yet remarkably empty without the summer tourists. Elliot looks so happy out in the park and enjoying his first Christmas celebration. It sounds a perfect family weekend all round.

    Thank you for sharing with me on #CountryKids

  2. What a stunning beach and what a beautiful day you had for your visit – definitely wouldn’t have guessed those photos were taken in December. Elliot looks like he was having fun in the playground – love the photo of him with his daddy on the swing 🙂 #countrykids

  3. This is the third post I’ve read about spending time on the beach, and I just wouldn’t have thought of it in the middle of winter! Then again, these photos don’t looks like you’re struggling!!
    Looks like you had an absolutely amazing day out & what a happy chappy you have – love the end photo!

    1. It was a gorgeous day, didn’t feel like December at all! I love the beach though, even in rough winter weather it has its place. I remember one winter where the sea had actually gone frozen solid, mind you this was in Denmark, but it was absolutely magical walking on the sea! xx

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